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Don’t Pink for Me: “Poison Isn’t Pretty”

  Every October, the autumn leaves turn golden, the sycamores lose their leaves, and the color PINK is everywhere. After 30 years of breast cancer "awareness," have we found a cure? No. What we have found are three thousand more PINK products, many of which contain carcinogens found to negatively influence cancer. Don't get me wrong,… Continue reading Don’t Pink for Me: “Poison Isn’t Pretty”

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Cancer, 10 Years Later

  Yesterday, was Cancer Survivor's Day. The day reminded me of my own experience with cancer. The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines a survivor as "anyone living with a history of cancer–from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life." June 8, 2005 is one of two dates I remember from my experience. The other… Continue reading Cancer, 10 Years Later

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Empowerment through Poetry

  Lately thoughts of cancer have floated through my mind. The word is still with a lowercase 'c', but it's there, in my daily life. I've learned to not stuff disturbing thoughts down into my body or heart. They always pop up somewhere, like an evil jack in the box. When I try to stuff the… Continue reading Empowerment through Poetry

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Hiding From Grief

Before I sat down at the keyboard this morning, my daughter swung open my bedroom door, crying. She had just received a text from her close friend that her mother died after a couple of weeks in hospice care. Her friends mother had breast cancer several years ago and it returned last year. Her mother was a… Continue reading Hiding From Grief