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Ten Lessons from Steve Jobs: iWriter

     I came across this today, titled iMentor, an article by Michael Hyatt, who came across the slideshow on his RSS reader. I really tried to get the slideshow, but could only get the link to it.  The lessons impressed me so much that I wanted to share them with others.

     This is my own take on the slideshow which I now refer to as iWriter. The lessons are simple but profound and I believe they apply to my writing life.

  1. Follow your heart (and pen, just let go).
  2. Make a dent in the Universe (even if it’s your own universe).
  3. Think different (but tell a good story, any way you can).
  4. Sell dreams, not products (books are dreams)
  5. Make products for yourself (write because you love writing) 

6. Say No to 1,000 things (Butt in chair-no excuses).

                                          7. Keep it Simple (one true line…and then another).
                                          8. Go for Excellence ( enough said).
                                           9. Break the Rules (Junot Diaz did).
                                          10. You only Live Once (see photo above & memorize).

Now, enjoy the slideshow. Thanks Steve Jobs and may you be well as long as you possibly can.

Ten lessons from Steve Jobs