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The Earthquake in Aurora, USA.

Rockford Register, OKThe senseless violence and tragedy this past Friday has left millions of people hurt, confused, and numb for words. I've been one of them. After a few hours of watching CNN and other news sources I marveled at the articulation of some of the  witnesses who were able to think through that horror, to move, to empathize with… Continue reading The Earthquake in Aurora, USA.

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Three Tips to Find Time to Write

iStock #000015765730                                                        How do you eat an elephant?                                        … Continue reading Three Tips to Find Time to Write

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Open Your Medicine Cabinet to Write

I'm sure you've heard the often quoted  proverb by Lao-Tzu: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." But what you may not have heard so often is the translation that results from the original Chinese quote:                               … Continue reading Open Your Medicine Cabinet to Write