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Can We Move Towards Hope and Peace with a Hug?

Like many others, I'm trying to understand what’s going on in our nation. As a person who has been on both sides of the thin blue line (stopped over 50 times in my youth and a 30-year career in  criminal justice) it’s not difficult to understand how wounds fester and people get frustrated and beyond.… Continue reading Can We Move Towards Hope and Peace with a Hug?

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The Insanity of Hate-Poem

  Yesterday morning, CNN broadcast the first service at the Emanuel AME church. The Rev. Goff said:   "The blood of the Mother Emanuel Nine requires us to work until not only justice is served in this case, but for those who are still living on the margin of life." His quote is an attitude… Continue reading The Insanity of Hate-Poem

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Daylight Savings Time – Poem

Advance the clocks. Groggy at first there is no spring in my step, no possibilities that I can see. But I do have another hour to keep my eyes ahead to days of flowers birthed by freezing rain buried deep in snow pushed upward for me to see that yes indeed I can spring forward… Continue reading Daylight Savings Time – Poem

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Empowerment through Poetry

  Lately thoughts of cancer have floated through my mind. The word is still with a lowercase 'c', but it's there, in my daily life. I've learned to not stuff disturbing thoughts down into my body or heart. They always pop up somewhere, like an evil jack in the box. When I try to stuff the… Continue reading Empowerment through Poetry