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Two Minutes: Between Health and Diabetes

Do you have 2 minutes to hear and see a PSA on healthy choices? If you value you and your children’s health, I’m sure you have a couple of minutes to spare.

My siblings and I, along with millions of others, are at risk for type 2 diabetes. My kids may also be predisposed.Their paternal and maternal grandmothers are long time diabetics, now suffering debilitating health effects in their later years. 

                Research shows that the risk of diabetes is inherited through the mother. Compound that with two environmental risks: obesity and inactivity, and we have a triple threat.

Because of the above facts, our family often talks about diabetes and how to prevent its onset. Usually onset begins after age 45, however this age has increasingly become lower through the years. My siblings and I are over 45 now, but we are still at risk and so are our children if we ignore the environmental factors. 

                                50 years ago, fewer than 1 out of 100 Americans had Diabetes. Now, 1 in 10 do. 

So it is cool to see and hear about Public Service Announcements geared towards younger folks, warning them about Diabetes and presenting choices. In two minutes, this young man Jose VIdal, takes you on a musical journey through choices we can each make to improve our own health.  

                              50 years ago, the average American consumed approximately 20 lbs. of sugar and corn sweetener. Today the # is 85 lbs.                                                             

If you want to spend another couple of minutes hearing another really cool PSA you can click on this site. 

That’s it, now on to your 30 minutes of daily activity.