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Comments from Freelance Editor

Last month my writing group had an opportunity to meet a guest, a freelance editor (FE) with major street cred, at one of our bi-monthly meetings. It was an opportunity we couldn't pass up and are indebted to our group leader for arranging this meeting. He (that's one hint) agreed to attend our gathering and… Continue reading Comments from Freelance Editor

Butterfly Hearts, Lili Rivera

Lili Rivera and Butterfly Hearts

It's Friday night and as promised I have to keep Lili out of the happy hours so she doesn't get into trouble. So begrudgingly she'll let me talk about her and her story.The main character in my first manuscript, Butterfly Hearts, is the protagonist, la mera mera, Lili Rivera. She is a  fast talking, funny, opinionated, passionate woman with… Continue reading Lili Rivera and Butterfly Hearts