Butterfly Hearts, Lili Rivera

Lili Rivera and Butterfly Hearts

It’s Friday night and as promised I have to keep Lili out of the happy hours so she doesn’t get into trouble. So begrudgingly she’ll let me talk about her and her story.

The main character in my first manuscript, Butterfly Hearts, is the protagonist, la mera mera, Lili Rivera. She is a  fast talking, funny, opinionated, passionate woman with a flair for eyeliner, big purses and high heels (she believes the latter makes her look thinner than her size 14 figure). If you can look pass her tough talk, language, and loud laughter you’d find una corazon espinada.

artwork by Yoborobo http://tinyurl.com/3mb6yv3

I created Lili or followed her is a better way of putting it, when I got the idea to write a fiction novel featuring a Latina woman in midlife going through crisis’s in an ‘up the river without a paddle’ kind of way.

Trauma (divorce, death, drugs, abuse, fill in the blank) can happen to any woman at any age and ethnicity so I believe it’s a universal experience. The reactions and decision making that follows such crisis’s varies among women. Some reactions we aren’t proud of but that was then and this is now. We live, learn, and hopefully grow in a positive direction.

But Lili has more problems than most in following the live, learn, grow path. She’s terca (stubborn), she wants to be in love so much that the red flags wave and she salutes them. Why shouldn’t she? Growing up in the barrio, being a struggling young single mother, then meeting the love of her life (a cop no less) and becoming a typical soccer mom was no easy feat, but she did it. She can’t understand why she can’t achieve her goals in her new post-divorce world.

And that’s where she begins in this story.

*Visit www.yoborobo.blogspot.com and view the artists wonderful ‘critters’ and other artwork.

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