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Wounded Heart – Haiku


 The "wounded heart" flower from eastern asia
The “wounded heart” flower from eastern asia


Wounded Heart


Vulnerable and 

trusting, love pierced you but

you love once again


The wounded heart is 

still a vision of beauty

and inspiration.

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Machu Picchu Love – Poem

Machu Pichu, Peru
View from Machu Picchu-Flickr photo by Mr.Hicks46


Dreams chased me last night until I caught a poem. I’ve never been to Machu Picchu but my dream told me that love is sometimes like climbing the Incan temples.


Machu Picchu Love

Sacred ground,

ancient valley of magic

energy abounds.


Stepping lightly

you climb

to the pyramid of the sun,

ribbons of color flutter with no wind.


Citadel of grandeur,

temples of holiness awe

until you stumble,


down stairs to the sacrificial stone


Head in clouds excitement

make way to

nauseous headache


Machu Picchu love,

like a tourist attraction,

a bucket list adventure,

grand vistas one can only see

from the pyramid of love.



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My Heart Rises-Poem

heartbreak, pain, courage
Pain-Kahlil Gibran


It’s been many days since I’ve wanted to work on my manuscripts. Or do much.

One of the side effects of this lull is using the bits and pieces that tumble out of the heart.

Examine them for meaning. Are they true, fears, or lies?

Sometimes the words are like puzzle pieces to keep in your journal for another time.

Sometimes they are emotions, ready to be strung together into a garland of words that resonates with someone.

This time, the feelings are a poem. I’m trying to capture the sunrise.


My Heart Rises

My heart sinks

takes me



Hold the heart

before it



into tangled love

and jealousy,



My heart heavy

with momentary



A ripple above

reminds of



My heart floats

feels, waits



Climbs, grabs hold,

touches longing,



this is when

you chose



feel the flutter,

my heart



Hands holding the
Hands holding the
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Art As Poetry

Amor A Todas Horas-Simon SIlva
Amor A Todas Horas-Simon SIlva

This painting, by Simon Silva, has been in my home for 15 years. I’ve passed by it hundreds of times. It wasn’t until last night that I sat down and recalled why I bought it in the first place.

The colors and curves caught my eye. As a mother of young children, the image spoke to a mother’s love, parenting, and family.

 But, it was the title “Amor A Todas Horas,” that caught my heart. 

All these years, the art piece has graced my home without me really looking at the details. Something I hadn’t noticed before caught my eye. There is a note on the small table next to the mother and child.

“Mi Amor para ti, es amor a todas horas.” 

“My Love for you, is a love for all time.”

From that one note, the art piece spoke to me in a different way. An entire scene played in my head. A poem surfaced:

Amor a Todas Horas

My love for you,

is a love for all time.


Remember this as the candle

casts shadows on the wall,

when the moon tests faith and 

you worry about an unknown fate.


And I will remember

the curve of your warmth,

your soft embrace,

against my dreams.

The glow of your love,

a blanket for our child,

a hope that warms

the both of us.

Wait for me 

when the moon rises

on your despair,

and sets on your sorrow.

Wait for me like the roses

beneath our window,

even when the petals fall,

and the bush grows thorny.


Remember this

my love,

through every sunrise,

and every sunset.


Mi amor para ti,

es amor a todas horas. ©

I’ll make it a point to go around my home and really listen to how the art speaks to me. I hope you do too.

For Simon Silva paintings please go to his site.