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My Native One/Mi Indigena – Poem

As evening falls I close my eyes in slumber Allowing myself to swim this ocean of memories Chapters of love etched deep upon my being All bitter sweet or sweet gone bitter Fleeting passion, friendship adorned in tedium Tepid nights of sighs quelling loneliness Reticent reminiscences, specters in empty rooms A requiem of illusive love… Continue reading My Native One/Mi Indigena – Poem

Denise Chavez, Love, poetry

Caveat Emptor – Poem

Remember when I began cleaning out and donating books? Well, that's when I found a 2008 journal, lumpy from two 8 x 11 sized papers folded in fourths. I had written my first poem on those papers at a workshop. Denise Chavez, author of Face of An Angel, Loving Pedro Infante, Last of the Menu… Continue reading Caveat Emptor – Poem

Encouragement, Grief, Love, poetry

A New Page – Poem

  Days flutter pass like the wind blown pages of a book to rest on one page which you decorate with happiness, glorious art the colors of heaven drawn with joy, love, future   until a rush of air blows hostile rips the edge from the seam to a page of scribbled pain, stiff lines of anguish, questioning grief shades of light and… Continue reading A New Page – Poem

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Hurricane Mother

  This quote aptly describes my mother. Now in her mid-eighties, my mom's hurricane force has reduced to a small tornado, which is pretty impressive given that she is legally blind and uses a cane to help her walk longer distances. The white blond streaks in her shoulder length hair, her youthful face, and laughter… Continue reading Hurricane Mother