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Can We Move Towards Hope and Peace with a Hug?

Like many others, I'm trying to understand what’s going on in our nation. As a person who has been on both sides of the thin blue line (stopped over 50 times in my youth and a 30-year career in  criminal justice) it’s not difficult to understand how wounds fester and people get frustrated and beyond.… Continue reading Can We Move Towards Hope and Peace with a Hug?

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Do You Know How to Use a Curandera?

Do you know how to naturally heal fright or trauma? No? More about susto later. During the last two years, I've worked on a story about an ambitious twenty-one-year-old with a ten-year plan to become a State Senator who drops out of college because of a broken engagement. She meets a grandmother and granddaughter who are curanderas. Although… Continue reading Do You Know How to Use a Curandera?

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My Native One/Mi Indigena – Poem

As evening falls I close my eyes in slumber Allowing myself to swim this ocean of memories Chapters of love etched deep upon my being All bitter sweet or sweet gone bitter Fleeting passion, friendship adorned in tedium Tepid nights of sighs quelling loneliness Reticent reminiscences, specters in empty rooms A requiem of illusive love… Continue reading My Native One/Mi Indigena – Poem

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Have You Seen Marie?

sandracisneros.com"For those without a mother, without a father, without even a dog to make a bother."This quote is on the dedication page of Sandra Cisneros new book, HAVE YOU SEEN MARIE? The crux of the story is about a woman's search for a cat who goes missing in the aftermath of her mother's death. There is so… Continue reading Have You Seen Marie?