Late to the Poetry Party

  We're a week into April, designated as National Poetry Month, and I'm late to the party--the poetry party. Poets, and poets who don't know it are celebrating with Poem A Day, PAD'ing for a week. I have no excuses, only a humble poem (excuse) to offer.   The words weren't ready the feeling wasn't… Continue reading Late to the Poetry Party


How to Fight Domestic Violence

Life between the sheets (of paper) is not always rosy. And I know people like to read about the 'rosy,' because there's so much evil and trauma in the world that it can be overwhelming. I understand. The issue of violence, domestic violence, is one of those non-rosy topics but it's important to talk about.… Continue reading How to Fight Domestic Violence

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Caveat Emptor – Poem

Remember when I began cleaning out and donating books? Well, that's when I found a 2008 journal, lumpy from two 8 x 11 sized papers folded in fourths. I had written my first poem on those papers at a workshop. Denise Chavez, author of Face of An Angel, Loving Pedro Infante, Last of the Menu… Continue reading Caveat Emptor – Poem

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Poetry Love

  Many of you know that April is National Poetry Month. It's a 'newbie' month, at only 18 years old. Everywhere I turn there's a 'challenge' of some kind: Poem A Day, NaPoWriMo, Poetic Form Challenge...okay, I'll stop now. There's even a Poem in a Pocket Day on April 24th. This one looks like a… Continue reading Poetry Love