Late to the Poetry Party

  We're a week into April, designated as National Poetry Month, and I'm late to the party--the poetry party. Poets, and poets who don't know it are celebrating with Poem A Day, PAD'ing for a week. I have no excuses, only a humble poem (excuse) to offer.   The words weren't ready the feeling wasn't… Continue reading Late to the Poetry Party

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Flor Y Canto: The Flower and the Song

I’ve had ambivalent thoughts on any “heritage” month, mostly because I feel we should appreciate everyone’s heritage at every opportunity. On the other hand, by designating a ‘month’ there is a concentrated focus on a culture which does raise awareness of other heritages. The photo above symbolizes the Aztec ( in the Nahuatl language) word… Continue reading Flor Y Canto: The Flower and the Song