A Not Funny Thing Happened On Our Way To…

Hello, You know how when you fall, you get discombobulated? You stand up, but it takes a long minute or two to regain your equilibrium, not to mention the embarrassment. Such is what happened on our recent vacation. This is the not funny thing that happened on our way to see the sea turtles: There… Continue reading A Not Funny Thing Happened On Our Way To…


Holding Space Today

photo by Regina Lord Holding space. We can hold space for others or for ourselves. Today, I’m holding space for myself. I'm present for myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’m intentional about setting time aside to be fully present and providing my full and undivided attention to me. Today I’m setting boundaries for myself.… Continue reading Holding Space Today

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A NaNoWriMo Discovery: Why I Quit

This is not another NaNoWriMo (NNWM) story, and it is. When I say it’s not, it’s because I’m not touting the achievements I’ve made and that I’m all into hitting that 50,000-word mark by November 30th. NaNoWriMo And this is not to discredit anyone who can and will hit that mark. Best wishes to all… Continue reading A NaNoWriMo Discovery: Why I Quit

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What are Your Yes’s and No’s for 2020?

  Re-reading my 2018 journal entry, I see that I wrote: "I am content." In 2019, I did a lot of stuff, traveled a few places, wrote a whole lot, read 37 books, spent too much time on Netflix, and laughed a lot. I hope to do more of the same in 2020. Another entry… Continue reading What are Your Yes’s and No’s for 2020?