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An Emerging Battlecry, A Powerful Memory

Senator McConnell employed a seldom-used rule on Senator Elizabeth Warren last week, but in the end, his words unleashed a new battle cry for thousands if not millions of women. His attempt to quiet her angered people to the point where his quote trended on Twitter and became a business enterprise of tee-shirts, cups, and demonstration signs.… Continue reading An Emerging Battlecry, A Powerful Memory

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Happy, Even After – Poem

  A few weeks ago I wrote this poem. I can share it now.   Happy, Even After You don't have the courage to tell the truth, to break up with a man when you know deep inside that you need to. You take the lazy way out, wait on frustration, anger, say or do something… Continue reading Happy, Even After – Poem

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Seven Actions To Take After A Rejection Letter

Rejection letters can knock you on your butt. And that's okay, it happens, stuff hurts, rejection sucks. But you can't stay on the floor, rubbing your a**. 1.  Get your butt off the floor and go do something nice for yourself. Take a walk, draw, watch a comedy, play with your kids or pet. This includes… Continue reading Seven Actions To Take After A Rejection Letter

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Lessons from Long Distant Parenting

A month has passed since my two youngest moved to Colorado, to a city outside of Denver. I've had thirty days of tears, fears for their safety, and anxiety. The youngest son (YS)  began college and my daughter (MD) wanted to start her new career in a new place. She's in the health field and… Continue reading Lessons from Long Distant Parenting