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How Love Trumps Hate – A Poem and Photograph

  Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery. Its practitioners sought to turn lead into gold through a purification process involving heat. The word "transformation" is a synonym for alchemy. So is "magic" and "power," both which can describe love. Love, an emotion, is also a quality we all need more of during these… Continue reading How Love Trumps Hate – A Poem and Photograph

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The Insanity of Hate-Poem

  Yesterday morning, CNN broadcast the first service at the Emanuel AME church. The Rev. Goff said:   "The blood of the Mother Emanuel Nine requires us to work until not only justice is served in this case, but for those who are still living on the margin of life." His quote is an attitude… Continue reading The Insanity of Hate-Poem

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Happy, Even After – Poem

  A few weeks ago I wrote this poem. I can share it now.   Happy, Even After You don't have the courage to tell the truth, to break up with a man when you know deep inside that you need to. You take the lazy way out,¬†wait on frustration, anger, say or do something… Continue reading Happy, Even After – Poem