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Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes

MLK Jr. Quote on Racism, Truth, Love In the midst of hateful name-calling, bullying, and divisive words from the POTUS these past months, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. a man who walked the walk of peace, stood up to oppression and injustice, and died much too soon. Celebrate this day by demonstrating compassion, be kind, share… Continue reading Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes

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Jesus Was An Amazing Social Activist

  United We Stand: How do we get through the difficulties that threaten to tear us apart? This was the topic of Sunday's service at the church which I attend. Although it's part of a series titled "Family Stuff," it's also appropriate for what's happening during the post-Trump election. Biblical scriptures are great like that,… Continue reading Jesus Was An Amazing Social Activist

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The Insanity of Hate-Poem

  Yesterday morning, CNN broadcast the first service at the Emanuel AME church. The Rev. Goff said:   "The blood of the Mother Emanuel Nine requires us to work until not only justice is served in this case, but for those who are still living on the margin of life." His quote is an attitude… Continue reading The Insanity of Hate-Poem