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Summer Solstice and Hope

  Twittering birds began their rabble-rousing earlier than usual this summer solstice morning. I enjoy listening to their conversations and energy as I wake. This morning I'm praying for a better day for the thousands of detained immigrant children spending agonizing days and nights without their parents or someone to comfort them in their distress.… Continue reading Summer Solstice and Hope


A Daughter’s Birth Day

Today, I’m reflecting on my daughters original birth day many years ago. I came across the writing prompt “I remember...” and the memories came. I remember focusing on the circle of light in the ceiling of the hospital room until finally, I felt a deep pressure and a tug. I remember my baby in the arms of… Continue reading A Daughter’s Birth Day


Celebrating The Past On Thanksgiving Day

  My daughter's eight-day visit is over. Mother's and daughters, there's something special about that relationship. I wonder if it's because mother's see a reflection of themselves in their daughter's mannerisms for a fleeting moment. And when your kids are on their own and live in another state, every moment with them is fleeting. The… Continue reading Celebrating The Past On Thanksgiving Day

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Jesus Was An Amazing Social Activist

  United We Stand: How do we get through the difficulties that threaten to tear us apart? This was the topic of Sunday's service at the church which I attend. Although it's part of a series titled "Family Stuff," it's also appropriate for what's happening during the post-Trump election. Biblical scriptures are great like that,… Continue reading Jesus Was An Amazing Social Activist