A Daughter’s Birth Day

Today, I’m reflecting on my daughters original birth day many years ago. I came across the writing prompt “I remember...” and the memories came. I remember focusing on the circle of light in the ceiling of the hospital room until finally, I felt a deep pressure and a tug. I remember my baby in the arms of… Continue reading A Daughter’s Birth Day

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An Inspiring and Compassionate Birthday Wish

  Some of us approach birthdays with trepidation, others with a sense of joy, and some people really don't think about being another year old. My mother used to be in the first category, especially in the last two decades. Her image of youth and trying to maintain it seemed to be constantly on her… Continue reading An Inspiring and Compassionate Birthday Wish

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My Son’s Gift On His Birthday

  Birds chirped, the fountain dripped and a gardener's blower punctuated my thoughts.The morning began with wistful moments. Today is my son's birthday. A rush of memories swept across my mind's eye. A baby with his first piñata, a toddler with a potty chair, a new backpack for Kindergarten... Could it be 30 years? When… Continue reading My Son’s Gift On His Birthday