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The Insanity of Hate-Poem

  Yesterday morning, CNN broadcast the first service at the Emanuel AME church. The Rev. Goff said:   "The blood of the Mother Emanuel Nine requires us to work until not only justice is served in this case, but for those who are still living on the margin of life." His quote is an attitude… Continue reading The Insanity of Hate-Poem

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After the Rain – Poem

  The entrance to heaven revealed itself in my backyard. After the rain a sentinel of palms led the way. An underbelly of  orange pink yellow beneath ashes of clouds a bird of paradise hopeful in its call to lift my head look up  to an emerging blue sky. The sunset reminded me there are the… Continue reading After the Rain – Poem

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Sunrises and Healing – Poem

  Beneath wet lashes the moon, round with longing, floated towards heaven- a luminous orb. In an arc against an indigo sky, embroidered with crystals, radiance ascended into a soft glow  caressing a night of sighs. Its ardent light beckoned to the miracles of the universe to hope and peace until the tears dried  and… Continue reading Sunrises and Healing – Poem

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Adventure in Transition

The frenzy of doing often keeps my emotions out of reach, until the doing stops. Action keeps the feelings sidelined, pushed aside so I can go on without dissolving into a blubbering mess. Such is the activity of the last few days. The preparation to move the property of two young adults and a cat,… Continue reading Adventure in Transition