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How Love Trumps Hate – A Poem and Photograph

  Alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery. Its practitioners sought to turn lead into gold through a purification process involving heat. The word "transformation" is a synonym for alchemy. So is "magic" and "power," both which can describe love. Love, an emotion, is also a quality we all need more of during these… Continue reading How Love Trumps Hate – A Poem and Photograph

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Song of Serenity

    Poetry gives me an opportunity to enmesh myself into someone's thoughts on paper.   That's how I feel about my favorite poets like Frank de Jesus Acosta. Each morning he shares a poem with his Facebook friends. This poem, in particular, spoke to me as I read it this morning. I thought of family,… Continue reading Song of Serenity

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Art and Poetry To Inspire

On my Facebook feed, I look forward to reading poems by Frank de Acosta and finding how he pairs his poetry with art. This image, by Mayan artist Paula Nicho Cumes knocked me back, shook my eyes awake. Life so vibrant, I am lost in the colors, desiring to run up and roll down the hills,… Continue reading Art and Poetry To Inspire


Autumn Revisited

On this Saturday morning there is a damp coolness in the air. The skinny birch trees in my backyard are almost naked of their yellow leaves. The only spots of color are from the Miami Pink bougainvillea climbing up the stucco walls towards my Talavera sun goddess mask. Only in Southern California can you have… Continue reading Autumn Revisited