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4 Qualities of a Strong Woman

Last week I posted on the subjective topic of ‘strong women.” It has nothing to do with physical strength or the exterior. It’s an inside job. No one gets to be called a strong woman without  facing and overcoming a few falls, detours, and obstacles in their path. 

And that’s not all it takes. 

After stumbling, learning, and getting up to face another day, a strong woman is willing to share her wisdom. She does this without bragging, drama, or asking for anything in return. 

Grace was the first quality I suggested as evidence of a strong woman. I mentioned Robin Roberts’s current health battle and MDS story as an example, which reflects a woman who exudes grace.

Some other qualities attributed to strong women are:

v  Women who inspire and support

v  Women who respect themselves

v  Women who carry themselves with dignity

There are several other qualities but let’s stick to these and see which women- who’ve made the news this past week- illustrate these qualities. 

If I posted a few photos of ‘celebrity’ women, I’m sure most people could pick out the strong women amongst them. Under whose photo would you check the box “Strong Woman”? 

Easy one, I know, but it’s just to make a point. 

I’d also like to point out that it wasn’t easy to find a strong woman that was in the news for the past week. There were plenty of examples of who is not a SW. But I guess those are the ones, in our media culture, who get the attention. 

The lack of ‘celebrity’ status for strong women is a bad situation for our girls.

The more focus we put on selfish, wanton, gossipy, (name that negative) girls and women the harder it is for our girls to develop the internal strength to become strong women. It is up to us as mothers, sisters, aunts, godmothers, grandmothers, and others to model SW behavior and qualities. 

We can begin modeling SW behavior to our toddlers and children and it’s never too late for teens. So give it some thought. 

How can you inspire others to be strong women?