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Writing Conferences

  I'm on my way to the Writer's Digest Novel Intensive conference in Century City, CA for the weekend. Yes, going to the home of the celebrities. Terrible traffic and exorbitant prices in that city. I can't afford the hotel costs so I'm couch surfing it at my best friends apartment four cities away. I'm feeling… Continue reading Writing Conferences

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"Simple Steps to Successful Authorship" workshop-Ojai Wordfest

     Laptop, coffee, pajamas, more coffee....that is some of what it takes for me to sit my butt in the chair and write. So say you are now finished with your manuscript (MS), one, three or ten years later. How do you prepare that MS for publication? Pat Fry of S.P.A.W.N (info below) has… Continue reading "Simple Steps to Successful Authorship" workshop-Ojai Wordfest