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Writing Communities

  Hemingway's quote settles the debate over whether people are born writers or if writing can be taught. Whether you're a natural at writing or not, everyone has to work to improve their ability. Three years ago, I participated in the Platform Challenge, given by Robert Lee Brewer, from Writer's Digest who described himself as a poet,… Continue reading Writing Communities

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Writing Conferences

  I'm on my way to the Writer's Digest Novel Intensive conference in Century City, CA for the weekend. Yes, going to the home of the celebrities. Terrible traffic and exorbitant prices in that city. I can't afford the hotel costs so I'm couch surfing it at my best friends apartment four cities away. I'm feeling… Continue reading Writing Conferences

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There, there, never give up…

After a few months of reading Writer's Digest  and The Writer at the library, I finally decided to subscribe to one of the magazines. I chose WD. Since then I haven't regretted it and find an abundance of articles online and in the magazines.Many of the articles are excellent sources of information on the craft… Continue reading There, there, never give up…