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Writing Communities

  Hemingway's quote settles the debate over whether people are born writers or if writing can be taught. Whether you're a natural at writing or not, everyone has to work to improve their ability. Three years ago, I participated in the Platform Challenge, given by Robert Lee Brewer, from Writer's Digest who described himself as a poet,… Continue reading Writing Communities

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Lessons Learned at the WD Conference

  Two words for the Writer's Digest Novel Conference in L.A: Worth It! A couple of weeks of craft workshops jammed into two and a half days may be overwhelming, but there was lots of value for $249. Twenty plus pages of facts, thoughts, post-its to self, and business cards fill my note book so this… Continue reading Lessons Learned at the WD Conference

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Four Secrets to Poetic Prose-Part 2

  I have to tell you, I want to be a better writer. I have stories to tell the world, and I'm tired of  my seven member critique group being the only ones to read them. They may be tired of them too. For almost six years, I've been writing stories which became an Adult Contemporary and… Continue reading Four Secrets to Poetic Prose-Part 2

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Writing Tips and Diversity Points at the SCBWI Winter Conference

There’s not enough time or money to go to all the writing conferences one wishes to attend, however getting a participant’s viewpoint is often valuable.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators has been a worthwhile organization for me to belong to because of their newsletters, booklets, and free market guide to publishing for children.

Here are several tips for writing contemporary and middle grade fiction from the SCBWI Conference.

Latinxs in Kid Lit

By Cindy L. Rodriguez

This year's SCBWI conference folder. Artwork by David Diaz, design by Sarah Baker This year’s SCBWI conference folder. Artwork by David Diaz, design by Sarah Baker

The Winter Conference of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in New York is kind of like a massive family reunion, with all 1,000+ people having a love of children’s literature in their  blood. It’s very cool for me to break away from my full-time day job as a middle school teacher and attend this annual gathering of creative people who all want to be published or work in some capacity with kid lit. While this love of children’s literature is the common denominator at the conference, the attendants are diverse people with myriad interests. Because of this, my ears naturally perk up when speakers address diversity in publishing.

The SCBWI did not have a specific panel or break-out session dedicated to diversity in children’s publishing, but speakers included Raul Colón, Shadra…

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