Latino culture

A to Z Challenge: I is for ¡Imagínate!

¡Imaginate! photo by ben white,

Some more words in Spanish or Spanglish this week for the A to Z Challenge.

Today is the letter I, as in ¡Imagínate!

After a juicy bit of gossip, amongst close friends, or comadres, I’d frequently hear the listener of said gossip shout ¡Imagínate! : Imagine that!

The word always perked up my ears. As a child, I’d inch closer to the comadres* and eavesdrop.

If the word was shouted, the gossip was really good.

Following the shouting or whispering of the word is the body language:

  • Sometimes the listener would slap her knee and laugh; which meant ‘go figure.’
  • or place her hand on her chest and inhale, which meant ‘I can’t even imagine.’
  • or make the sign of the cross, which meant ‘that’s unimaginable, I’ll pray for you’ or ‘I hope that doesn’t happen to me.’

The tone and body language usually told the story.

I think this “investigative” side of me is what helped me in my career in law enforcement, lol 😉

Until tomorrow, ¡adios!

*A comadre is technically the godparent of a child, however, the word is used to denote a close relationship