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A New Year, A New Intention

    Like many people, I don't like 'having' to do anything. This is why I cringe when people ask me about my resolutions or goals for the new year. "Goals," "Resolutions," the words sound so inflexible. I'm not a big fan of the word "resolution," becauseĀ there's something rigid about it, and goal-setting in the… Continue reading A New Year, A New Intention

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How Writing Goals Are The Secret Ingredient…

  to becoming a better writer. Last night I met with my six writing sisters, a creative group of fascinating women who write stories and poems. This was our first meeting of the new year. In 2015, we left behind numerous rejection letters, rewriting queries until all the cows came home, and some awesome writing… Continue reading How Writing Goals Are The Secret Ingredient…

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Why Looking Ahead is Better than Falling Behind

I woke to sunlight creeping through my bathroom windows. Unusual, since the last month has been grey days of coastal overcast. More unusual since June in our parts is called June Gloom. It dawned on me (no pun intended) we are quickly approaching the middle of the year. Almost half of 2015 is gone. Yikes.… Continue reading Why Looking Ahead is Better than Falling Behind

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“NY’s Day-Everything is in Blossom!

I feel about average." - Kobayashi Issa The Japanese poet's haiku sums up my feeling about the first day of 2014. There is an adventure waiting, many I'm sure. A tingle goes through my fingers when I think of all the possibilities.But then I think of "expectations," and how they ruin most things. That's when… Continue reading “NY’s Day-Everything is in Blossom!