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Make This a Great Year Without Obsessive Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of you! I've spent a little time reading inspiring blog posts this morning and found a few that supported my view of New Year resolutions. Most of these have to do with writing but I'm sure the advice works in different areas of one's life. First, the post from author… Continue reading Make This a Great Year Without Obsessive Resolutions

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A New Year, A New Intention

    Like many people, I don't like 'having' to do anything. This is why I cringe when people ask me about my resolutions or goals for the new year. "Goals," "Resolutions," the words sound so inflexible. I'm not a big fan of the word "resolution," because there's something rigid about it, and goal-setting in the… Continue reading A New Year, A New Intention

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How Moving Made Me A Better Person

  This may be the year of no resolutions. Not because I don't believe in them but I haven't had the occasion to do so. Moving from the outskirts of Denver to downtown took up most of my time and all of my energy. New Year's Day began with my arrival to Denver to help… Continue reading How Moving Made Me A Better Person

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Three Minute Inspiration

In my Yahoo feed I came across a website called "Give it 100 days: Practice something for 100 days." Three minutes was all it took to inspire me to try something different. Participants chose weight loss, ukulele playing, learning to dance, or sing. I'm sure this "practice something for 100 days," could extend to writing what… Continue reading Three Minute Inspiration