A Slice of A Writer’s Life


I Became A Writer-Unknown Mami
I Became A Writer-Unknown Mami

To my post title I could have added:

An Unpublished Writer’s Life

But too many words for a heading.

Most writers, like 95%, have another life besides writing: kids, pets, parents, cleaning, carpooling…

It can get kinda of like ….”What’s it all about, Alfie?” 

The writing happens before the other stuff gets started, which means I write in the early morning.

I’m lucky that I only have one big kid left in the home, so I get in more writing/musing time than most moms.

And sometimes, I just don’t feel like putting my one-hour self-imposed writing requirement (FB, Twitter, email do not count).

When I get in that Alfie state I look at my most ‘pinned’ graphic over on Pinterest, under “Inspiration to Write.”

This graphic is from the very witty, Unknown Mami, Claudya Martinez. Currently, it is at 310 pins and counting.

I’ve reviewed my “Inspiration to Write” pins at least 100 times. Keeps me going.

So do the ‘goodies’ that come from my writing life: nice blog post comments, critiques that go great (no red marks, hardly, on my papers), and my ‘bestest’ yet:


If I had a sound, for the above remark, it would be the booming movie premiere voice guy.

http://amzn.to/1kDIjNW Graphic by DigitalProduct
http://amzn.to/1kDIjNW Graphic by DigitalProduct

The free 17-page excerpt on my Amazon page has received two reviews, with a few more listed on my Facebook page and one on my LinkedIn page:


“Your excerpt is very well written and I love the figurative language you used. Lines I love: “Long narrow dirt rows with tiny roads of deep green leaves spin by in a brown arc like long legs running…I also loved the haunting quality of the narrator’s voice. ..Great title. It reminds me of Alice Walker’s “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens.” Virginia Alanis

This review didn’t just make my day, it made three days.

And another bonus, from the ABNA news,

The M2the5th Google+ Community (Mostly Multicultural Mysteries, Memoir, and Myth) will host a Twitter Interview

on Saturday, May 10, 2014, at 9 Pacific time.

I hope I can meet you on Twitter and have a good discussion on writing, inspiration, and all that ‘writerly’ stuff.

Until then, keep reading, writing, and living well.


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Writers Conference as an Investment


Stop with the excuses...
Stop with the excuses…


Several times I’ve heard the advice about attending writing conferences. I’d love to attend several in a year, but most people can only afford one every twelve months. 

This morning I’m on my way to LAX, with my writing sisters, to Seattle. The four of us will attend the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference this week. AWP, with membership, had a good price and there’s a lot of bang for the buck. 

I’m thrilled to have a chance to hear Annie Proulx (Shipping News, Brokeback Mountain), Sherman Alexie (War Dances, Smoke Signals), Amy Tan, and Benjamin Alire Saenz among other authors.

A writers conference is an investment, so I plan to:

  • Meet new people, compare notes
  • Choose useful workshops
  • Curate content by posting, journaling so I have a record to go back to
  • Share the info with you on my Google+ site

During the day I’ll attend workshops, mainly on YA topics, and post some highlights on my Google+ profile.   I’m a volunteer at the ginormous Book Fairhelping at the AROHO (A Room of Her Own) table. 

In the evening there are many happy hours to attend and I’m hitting at least these: AROHO, Arte Publico, and poetry readings. 

If I can remember to multi-task, I’ll send out some tweets (#AWP 14), just for fun. My twitter feed and handle are on this blog.

See you here next week and I do hope you visit me on Google+ for workshop highlights and insights.

I do hope I remembered my umbrella and phone charger.

Space Needle-Seattle, Washington AWP Conference
Space Needle-Seattle, Washington AWP Conference