Poetry from My Mac

I love poetry. I like reading lines from other people's minds, all the time. Today, I learned of poetry from a computer's mind. Yes, an inanimate object making animate words into lines of a poem. Poetweet searches through your original tweets and transforms them into computer-generated poetry. The site says they "track the data of your inspiration"… Continue reading Poetry from My Mac


A Slice of A Writer’s Life

  To my post title I could have added: An Unpublished Writer's Life But too many words for a heading. Most writers, like 95%, have another life besides writing: kids, pets, parents, cleaning, carpooling... It can get kinda of like ...."What's it all about, Alfie?"  The writing happens before the other stuff gets started, which… Continue reading A Slice of A Writer’s Life

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Writers Conference as an Investment

    Several times I've heard the advice about attending writing conferences. I'd love to attend several in a year, but most people can only afford one every twelve months.  This morning I'm on my way to LAX, with my writing sisters, to Seattle. The four of us will attend the Association of Writers and… Continue reading Writers Conference as an Investment