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A Surfer’s Haiku

The title's a bit misleading. I'm neither a surfer nor did a surfer create this poem. I am fortunate to live close to several beaches in Southern California. Most coastal Californian's can tell you that the weather at the beach, especially in the last decade, is unpredictable. Today, on a January afternoon, the temperature rose to… Continue reading A Surfer’s Haiku

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The Inspiration of a Beautiful Garden

  On any trip I take I try to find a garden, whether a tiny patch of flowers in someone's front yard or a botanical garden where I can get lost, inside my head and on the trail. So I took the road less traveled between scratching shrubs, dirt, and rock, where spiny pine needles… Continue reading The Inspiration of a Beautiful Garden

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Farewell to Summer

Sunflowers bloom anytime between June and July in Tuscany. The hotter the weather, the earlier they bloom and this summer was a scorcher. My friend and I traveled between Siena, San Gimignano, and Montalcino during the second week of September. Swaying stalks of sunflowers waved a tricolor swath. The egg yolk yellow of youth, the… Continue reading Farewell to Summer

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Wounded Heart – Haiku

    Wounded Heart   Vulnerable and  trusting, love pierced you but you love once again   The wounded heart is  still a vision of beauty and inspiration.