Peaches and Preparing the Grid to be Ready

It started with a peach tree. My tree is a dwarf second-year tree that I thought wouldn't give many peaches especially since my mother said I didn't 'cull' the tree months before. What do I know of culling? I grew up in housing projects of concrete and asphalt for a backyard. We did have one… Continue reading Peaches and Preparing the Grid to be Ready

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A Poem of Preparation

Can you prepare for possible  death?  In the gap between the "heads up, you may die," and your actual departure much goes on with the mind, body, and soul. Heavy stuff, I know, but I began thinking of this when I read that the weekly writing prompt, over on Wordsmith Studio, is "Preparation."  I immediately thought of a… Continue reading A Poem of Preparation

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Lessons from Long Distant Parenting

A month has passed since my two youngest moved to Colorado, to a city outside of Denver. I've had thirty days of tears, fears for their safety, and anxiety. The youngest son (YS)  began college and my daughter (MD) wanted to start her new career in a new place. She's in the health field and… Continue reading Lessons from Long Distant Parenting