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Roadmap To Your Dreams

Last year my pre New Year’s word of intention was Create. This year I didn’t plan on a new word. The last week of the year was kind of fuzzy because of illness, so I decided to forget about it. 

But there is no forgetting, I found my phrase-it found me- during the first hours on New Year’s Day.

After the NYE party I slept for four hours before my boyfriend and I drove to Pasadena to spend the morning at the Rose Parade. 

Attending the parade, an hour and fifteen minutes away, was one of those last minute “Go for it,” moments when you really go for it, whatever the cost. Oh, it was worth it even at a chilly (for Southern Cal residents) 42^ morning.

The first float was “Follow Your Dreams.” A multi-island 5,000 rose festooned float, using features inspired by Dr. Seuss, illustrated a child’s imagination and dreams. 

An island, a bridge, a castle, 16 foot slide, pinwheels and planes fashioned from 20,000 flowers gave me my inspiration for the new year: Go For My Dreams  

This is not to say that one clicks the red sparkly shoes repeating “Follow your dreams,” ad nauseum.
The theme is a reminder to keep dreaming, to never give up, to remember that one step back can be followed by a step forward, like  in a great little cha-cha dance: side step, back step, forward. 

When following your dreams a roadmap is wise-you might get there quicker. And it can’t be any old map-it has to be your map.

Instead of cities along the road, visualize landmarks or stepping stones working towards small and larger goals. Make a collage or use an old road map and draw on it. Or try this free printable from Living Locurto.  Now put it somewhere you can frequently view it.

                                                                  Your map=Your dream

Now, name your goals/dreams, draw them, and/or find a symbol for the dream to feel it. Look at the details of your dreams in your mind’s eye. Keep a hold of that vivid image, refer to your drawing, or symbol for it whenever you need a reminder of your dream. 

Okay, got the picture? 
Now, go for your dreams, one step at a time, enjoy the scenery, include rest stops and may you have a creative, loving, and peaceful New Year. 


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