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Art As Poetry

Amor A Todas Horas-Simon SIlva alvaradofrazier.com
Amor A Todas Horas-Simon SIlva alvaradofrazier.com

This painting, by Simon Silva, has been in my home for 15 years. I’ve passed by it hundreds of times. It wasn’t until last night that I sat down and recalled why I bought it in the first place.

The colors and curves caught my eye. As a mother of young children, the image spoke to a mother’s love, parenting, and family.

 But, it was the title “Amor A Todas Horas,” that caught my heart. 

All these years, the art piece has graced my home without me really looking at the details. Something I hadn’t noticed before caught my eye. There is a note on the small table next to the mother and child.

“Mi Amor para ti, es amor a todas horas.” 

“My Love for you, is a love for all time.”

From that one note, the art piece spoke to me in a different way. An entire scene played in my head. A poem surfaced:

Amor a Todas Horas

My love for you,

is a love for all time.


Remember this as the candle

casts shadows on the wall,

when the moon tests faith and 

you worry about an unknown fate.


And I will remember

the curve of your warmth,

your soft embrace,

against my dreams.

The glow of your love,

a blanket for our child,

a hope that warms

the both of us.

Wait for me 

when the moon rises

on your despair,

and sets on your sorrow.

Wait for me like the roses

beneath our window,

even when the petals fall,

and the bush grows thorny.


Remember this

my love,

through every sunrise,

and every sunset.


Mi amor para ti,

es amor a todas horas. ©

I’ll make it a point to go around my home and really listen to how the art speaks to me. I hope you do too.

For Simon Silva paintings please go to his site. 

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Ghost Ranch, Greek Myths, and Writing

Sunset over Sandstone at Ghost Ranch. Gettyimages.

My bags aren’t packed yet for my trip tomorrow to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, because one of the kids beat me to the washing machine this morning. I’m not stressing though because I am still drifting on a dream.

Last January I thought about my goals for the year. The intention word to myself was “Create.” To make the word more concrete, I found and filled out a printable called “Roadmap to My Dreams.”  In the area “bravery is a matter of belief, and I believe I can…” I listed “…submit my writing for a fellowship, contest, anthology, or magazine.”

In a matter of days I came across the website for A Room Of Her Own (AROHO): A Foundation for Women Writers. One of my writing buddies, Florencia, attended in 2012 and talked about her life changing experiences.  Applications for fellowships would close in three weeks. The chatter in my head kept me thinking about this challenge. There are thousands of writers who would love to attend a weeklong retreat filled with writers, poets, and published authors leading workshops. Should I or shouldn’t I submit for a fellowship.

I reminded myself of Sandra Cisneros’ “How To Be A Chingona in 10 Easy Steps.

Step One: Live for your own approval. Center yourself. Be alone. Create your own space.

There was that word again: Create. That is just what I needed to recharge myself. I submitted my application with a 10 page writing sample and was accepted. Writing is usually lonely and acknowledgements don’t come as often as rejection letters, so honestly, this award surprised the s*it out of me.

As a double bonus, I will be at Ghost Ranch during the peak time for the Perseid meteor showers. This display is named after the constellation Perseus, the hero of ancient Greek myth born from a shower of celestial gold. For three or four nights the sky will be pelted with shooting stars and fireballs.

The big city dweller that I am, I’ve never seen more than one shooting star before. But I can imagine that the expansive New Mexican sky will be sprinkled with brilliant heavenly dust. I’ll thank the stars, the universe, and God for giving me this experience, this impetus to move forward and keep writing.

Perseids Meteor Shower. Getty images.
Perseids Meteor Shower. Getty images.