Daylight Savings Time – Poem

Crocuses at Sunrise, C. Eikhert

Crocuses at Sunrise, C. Eikhert

Advance the clocks.

Groggy at first

there is no spring in my step,

no possibilities

that I can see.

But I do have another hour

to keep my eyes ahead

to days of flowers

birthed by freezing rain

buried deep in snow

pushed upward for me to see

that yes indeed

I can spring forward

to another day

into a year of possibilities.

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8 replies

  1. The dynamics of time captured with an ending reference to possibilities. Spring forward or ¡Adelante!

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  2. Yes, it seems like a joke, more like April Fool’s Day when we have snow on the ground and more to come…we aren’t officially in “spring” here until after Mother’s Day!!!

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  3. Couldn’t find no other place on your blog to ask this. But what did you think of McFarland, USA? The movie, of course. I haven’t seen it. I liked the trailer on the Internet. Maybe you could do a review on your blog. Then maybe I better not tell you how to run your life.


    • I really enjoyed McFarland, USA. Inspirational movies with a sports theme are right up my movie watching alley, i.e Rudy, Chariots of Fire. My blog posts focus more on book reviews than movies, as well as stories and poetry but thanks for the suggestion.


  4. Love your optimism! I’m not a big fan of the change of time, but for some reason this one was pretty smooth. And I hadn’t read your great poem yet! Love the phrasing “I can spring forward.”


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