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21 Inspiring Quotes From Beloved Children’s Books

Monday again, a new week. You have seven days to enjoy, none of which you’ll ever get back.

Start your week off with words straight out of children’s books. Read and think about one quote a day and you’ll have enough to last you until February 28th.

infograpic of quotes from children's books
Inspiring Quotes from Children’s Books-Infograph from

I almost forgot this month is a leap year February, so here’s one more quote for February 29th, a Monday:

Pinterest winnie the pooh quote
I’ll Always Be With You-Pinterest,


My favorites are the Shel Silverstein, “Where The Sidewalk Ends,” and the Winnie the Pooh quote. I hope there’s one that is meaningful to you.

Have a wonderful week!

11 thoughts on “21 Inspiring Quotes From Beloved Children’s Books”

  1. Mona, esa, these are great quotes. I yam going to save them.

    I tried to send you a message for another post but it dident take. So here is this one. I did not know you lived in Colorado. I thot you hung in Ventura, Cali.

    I read your quotes at the right time. I just got off the phone trying to deal with my credit card company, Amazon and an Amazon 3rd party vendor (by email). I cancelled an order but was still being charged and the 3rd party vendor who acted stooopid, real stoooopid (on purpose, I think). They said I cancelled yet did not cancel the lousy $9.98 they charged me. Their only response to my request for my stinking $9.98 refund was, “Sorry, you cancelled your order.”

    Please feel sorry for me, I guess is what I’m saying. A whiner I may be, but a damn proud one.

    So, thanks again for your inspirational quotes. I’d send you a million dollars, but I know you wouldn’t take it.



  2. I’m not so sure about, “True friends never ask for anything.” Sometimes a friend is in need and calls you. I know I call friends when I need them. That’s what a true friend is.

    If you disagree, you’re not my true friend. (Just yoking.)


  3. I like “There’s no place like home,” as well as the friendship quote from Charlotte’s Web. All nice choices, Mona, with colorful artwork to boot! And a couple entries from Tommy, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That Pooh quote always gets me to cry. Oh, I love this. Children’s quotes are the best. So pure. So sweet. Thank you for finishing off my day on the right foot, Mona. Sweet dreams.


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