34 Unique Ways to Brainstorm and Get Creative

beer in ice, Corona beer, lime slices

Ice Cold-flickr.com


What does a beer, a shower and playing Pictionary have in common?

And you can do all three alone or in a group? Well two of them at least and a third as a couple.

Okay, enough riddles.

The three subjects above are suggestions to help you generate creative ideas.


See if you agree.


creativity, brainstorming, writing

Brainstorming Creative Ideas – Ethos3.com via writerswrite.co.za post


What I like to do is read poetry and jot down whatever words or ideas arise. That’s suggestion #34.

Can you add any tips? How do you brainstorm creative ideas?

Maybe we can get to 40 ideas.

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11 replies

  1. I like taking walks and observing things. Sometimes I’m inspired by snippets of conversations or even watching nature at work.


  2. Very cool — i like mind maps and word trees — both are unstructured activities that lead to unexpected places! great post!!!

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  3. Catch the bus, preferably not at a peak time – no distractions of having to drive or propel yourself anywhere – all you can do it sit and stare out of the windows and ponder…


  4. I must walk around. It get the best ideas while walking. Even when Im sharing in frontof an audience I have to be moving.

    Now I jot ideas down. There were times I had a great one only to forget what it was.

    Awesome and helpful post.

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  5. I like to listen to NPR…real life is stranger than anything I can come up with…


  6. When I have to create anything, I look for a good idea. I think about the idea in many different ways and usually come up wtth a creative spin. I was a teacher for many years, so I had to find ways to engage the students. I just apply the technique to writing and blogging. Right now I am updating my website and I have been building on ideas all over the place. Great infographic. I couldn’t wait to pin it.


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