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Measuring the Days of Our Life – #Poetry


Tree of Life in Spring
Tree of Life-Photo by H. Koppdelany,


For whatever reason, maybe the wind swaying the palm trees in my backyard or the patio chimes sounding, I felt wistful.

Maybe I felt like that because I finished a difficult scene in a novel I’m writing. It could be the stir of memories or the longing of wanting something which seems impossible to achieve.

Whatever the reason I came across this beautiful photo and had some thoughts about what the photographer might have been saying.


Thinking About Life


And the days pass like the leaves dropping from trees

tumbling one after another, every year,

faster than the one before.


Layers of memories, once vivid, fading into a blur.


We grow older, leave our past,

drift across the present and into our future.

Short shadows now cast long.


We look to the sky, knowing our view is measured.


How much of the blue do we see,  

as much as when we were young?

More now that we are not?


How we will miss that sky, 

scribbled with wafting clouds.

How we will miss the brilliance of a sun-splashed day.


The pages of our life keep turning,

nearing the end of a chapter,

nearer to the end of the story.


What do you see?


9 thoughts on “Measuring the Days of Our Life – #Poetry”

  1. I saw what I felt, and it was a longing. Yes, a longing to cling to everything, to make everything stay. I think I should start weaving now my Ode to the Ephemeral against your “days pass like the leaves dropping from trees tumbling one after another, every year…”


  2. Lovely sentences, Mona. As always I like the way you notice small things in life and tie them to nature, our mother to all of us.
    The passing of time becomes more pressant as we get older, that’s a fact. On the other side, the advantage is that we become more selective on the ways we want to use this precious but ephemeral thing, while being more open to unpredictible events. Nowdays I tend to know more what I want from my 24 hours and also be more appreciative of minutes spent doing nothing but just being aware than I’m alive.


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