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A to Z Challenge: M is for Madre (Mother)

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Tonantzin

Today we come to the letter M.

M is for Madre or Mother; specifically the Mexican Mom.*


In Pre-Columbian times, there were many goddesses worshiped, notably the Aztec goddess Tonanztin, which in the Aztec language of Nahuatl means “Our Sacred Mother.”

In some Pre-Columbian societies, a woman who died in childbirth was deemed a warrior. (Many mothers will tell you they are indeed warriors).

In Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe is Mexico’s spiritual mother, loved and revered in Latin America and the U.S. (There’s a picture/statue/candle of OLG in every Mexican Catholic household whether you live in Mexico or the US).

Mexican mothers, madres, along with other Latino cultures, are said to be placed on a pedestal and given great respect. (Which my mother reminded us of many times).

This high cultural value of la madre may be a result of this history and other cultural norms.

Whichever is the case, a Mexican mother comes imbued with a lot of power in the household. (And don’t you forget it, because you’ll be reminded).

Since we are no longer in Pre-Columbian times, some of the reverence has rubbed off.

Which brings me to these memes to help you understand the Mexican Madre.



A normal mom has arguments…
A Mexican mom doesn’t need them because she’s your mother… ¡Y te callas!

Read this article for 14 more differences between a non-Mexican and Mexican Mom.

Okay, that’s enough for today’s letter. See you next week!

*All said in jest; my madre’s a saint!


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