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A Book’s Quinceñera

  Leave it to my friend, Amada, to throw a Quinceñera for her first published book, "My Very Own Room/Mi PropioCuarito." She's creative and fun like that. The book, which teaches a valuable lesson about the strength of family and the importance of dreams, turns 15 in April 2015. Five children's books later, Amada is… Continue reading A Book’s Quinceñera

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Writers in Connelles, Normandy, France Day 1

Amada Cafe St. Lazare, ParisIt took a plane, bus, train, and taxi but we made it to Connelles, Upper Normandy, France 18 hours after departing LAX. Our first stop, Cafe St. Lazare, with mon ami Amada. the pit Paris, Fr. The bathrooms in old buildings require strong thighs and an overwhelming urgency to go.I decided to wait… Continue reading Writers in Connelles, Normandy, France Day 1

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Ten Ways Writers Confuse Their Readers-Part I

Have you ever ended up finding something better than what you were looking for? Happened to me today and I'm glad it did. It started out with the desire to locate one notebook. My old faux Queen Anne end table sits next to my writing desk. It's my writing storage area where old notebooks, binders, clipped articles,… Continue reading Ten Ways Writers Confuse Their Readers-Part I

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Post Novel Blues

Get a good look at her. Except for the blue hair, that was me four days ago (sans the slender arms). With my last round of revisions done I  loaded my MS "Butterfly Hearts" onto two different flash drives, sent copies to  friends who volunteered to be readers, and then powered off my laptop. First… Continue reading Post Novel Blues