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We May Never Know Why

The heaviness in the heart can crush a person into hopelessness. When I see poems, graphics, blogs, and gun control petitions online, I know that people are trying to do something, make things better, say that enough is enough. Along with millions of others who watched the media coverage on the mass shooting at Sandy Hook… Continue reading We May Never Know Why

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Remembering Antepasados/Ancestors

My aunt, Tia Connie, decreed by the doctor to live for perhaps six more months, passed on a few days ago-a month after the pronouncement.  It’s true that she had a long life, close to 88 years, on this side of the universe. But it’s also true that 88 years is not long enough for… Continue reading Remembering Antepasados/Ancestors

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How Do You Process Dying?

Royalty freeMom yells a lot lately. This is usual and unusual. Usual because she is hard of hearing so she frequently shouts "What?" Unusual because she's yelling about who didn't vacuum the carpet correctly, arguing and then dashing to her room crying.   She has a reason for anger, frustration and tears. Her oldest sister,… Continue reading How Do You Process Dying?