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Sexual Assault by Teens and Cyberbullying

For eight months, the family of Audrie Potts struggled to figure out what happened to their soccer loving, artistic, horse crazy daughter, whose smile and shining eyes were inconsistent with their 15 year old daughter who committed suicide.audriepottsfoundationAnd then on Thursday, seven months after the tragedy, a Northern California sheriff's office arrested three 16-year-old boys on… Continue reading Sexual Assault by Teens and Cyberbullying

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A Strong "Kind Hearted" Woman

Last night I watched a powerful documentary titled "Kindhearted Woman." The story of Robin Charboneau, the 32 year old single mother on the Spirit Lake Reservation. Her story touched me in so many ways, and on several levels: as a woman, survivor, mother...I could go on, but an excerpt from her introduction gives you a sense… Continue reading A Strong "Kind Hearted" Woman

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10 Steps to a Safer Spring Break

gettyimages.comSpring break is over for some colleges but is just beginning for several others. It's a time,(and I have to go way back in my memory) when you can chuck the books relax, stay out late, and sleep in without feeling guilty for missing a class.Whether you go out to one club or ten in… Continue reading 10 Steps to a Safer Spring Break

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How to Support Victims of Sexual Violence

colorfully.euNews reports over the weekend publicized the sexual violence recently perpetrated in the cases of Steubenville and New Delhi.The fact that both these cases occurred in public with more than one perpetrator was particularly grievous, horrendous and terrifying. The first media reports about these two cases felt like the unnerving news of the shootings at Sandy… Continue reading How to Support Victims of Sexual Violence