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How We Can “Eat Less Water” And Help The Environment

When the well is dry, we know the value of water- Benjamin Franklin For thousands of people in Flint, Michigan and East Porterville, California, the well dried up. For 800 million people around the world, the well is dry. There's a new book arriving on November 1st, 2017 titled "Eat Less Water." The author and… Continue reading How We Can “Eat Less Water” And Help The Environment

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Eating less water: Baking Bread

After a class this past Saturday, I donned my purple apron to do something less esoteric but just as creative and fulfilling as writing. I joined nine other women at a friends home to learn how to bake bread. Not just any bread but 'water sustainable' organic whole wheat bread* and French baguettes. My friend Florencia, over at… Continue reading Eating less water: Baking Bread