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How Tamales Make My World A Better Place

Every December, I write about making tamales, and this year is no different.  Our mother has made tamales for over seventy years, longer than her children have been alive. And her mother made tamales before she was born. And her mother, back to the days of maize and metates. Something is wrong with my universe… Continue reading How Tamales Make My World A Better Place

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20 Ways to Celebrate Before Christmas

  We haven't put up one Christmas bulb or decoration yet, but I am thinking of how to make Christmas more special this year. When I say special, I mean remembering that "Christ," is in the word "Christmas." The wheels began turning last night when I wandered through department stores looking for Christmas cards that… Continue reading 20 Ways to Celebrate Before Christmas

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The Firemen on Christmas Eve

Amid the shopping carts, Black Friday, Walmart warriors, and the mounds of boxes we collect, we sometimes forget (make that I sometimes forget) how Christmas was for our parents and grandparents. My mother loves to shop and go for a "looky-loo." Today she's out at Costco, the place I cannot enter upon pain of claustrophobia. Sometimes… Continue reading The Firemen on Christmas Eve