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A Kid’s Book About School Shootings

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This month’s violence has overwhelmed me and, I’m sure, millions of others. I’ve stepped back from writing and chose to read others’ poems and essays and say prayers.

This has been my protective defense as every time there is a mass shooting, I think of my mother’s experience twenty-some years ago, which took place in the state office where she worked.

Thankfully, Mom is still with us, and we celebrated her birthday last night.

Mom re-experiences the trauma when another mass shooting occurs. My body reruns the emotions I felt when we waited outside the building, newspeople all around, held back by officers. It was a torturous time of slow-motion pain and confusion.

This is only one degree of what the parents feel about their children who they lost.

I thought about the unasked questions kids must have, and like a manifestation, I received this video from my friend, Amada, this morning. I want to share it with you.

This is a children’s book written by a school shooting survivor, Crystal Woodman Miller. It is narrated and contains five ways children can process feelings when they’re overwhelmed by thinking about these situations.

The link below will open to the Canva site where the book was created:

The book helped me process emotions and I hope it is helpful for you, too.

I invite you to take action. Here’s how you can help:

Help the victims and their families and donate to their verified GoFundMe’s

Donate to Everytown For Gun Safety and text ACT to 644-33 to help us #EndGunViolence

Donate blood or platelets to South Texas Blood & Tissue for Uvalde victims

Please leave any other vetted donation site in the comments.

Thank you for being here.