Holding Space Today

photo by Regina Lord

Holding space.

We can hold space for others or for ourselves.

Today, I’m holding space for myself. I’m present for myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’m intentional about setting time aside to be fully present and providing my full and undivided attention to me.

Today I’m setting boundaries for myself. On this anniversary of the Insurrection in the U.S. I chose not to relive or re-see the events of that day. I won’t watch TV or scroll through social media.

Once when I said I didn’t want to watch the news anymore, I was accused of “sticking my head in the sand.” Ha, okay. The better to explore what’s underground and in other places is what I replied.

Today, I chose to hold space for other activities that will nurture me, my family, and my community.

This morning I did my morning stretches in bed to stave off my wonky sciatica from reoccurring. I roll out my orange and purple yoga mat and began day two of YouTube’s Yoga for Beginner’s. Why didn’t I know Yoga was a difficult practice?

The coffee perks hints of cocoa and cinnamon scents. My hands warm against a large mug of semi-strong brew, just the way I like my three morning cups.

I read my morning one-minute devotionals and write in my gratitude journal. Today, I’m grateful for our cat Heidi who meowed at my door very early. She likes to come into my bathroom and drink water from the bucket I have in the shower to catch the cold water. I think she pretends she’s out in the wild drinking from a shimmering blue lake.

Because Heidi woke me up, I saw the sun break the darkness and the backyard light up from black to gray to green, pink and blue. I take in that view with a couple of deep breaths and pet Heidi who’s now grooming herself.

I click on my playlist of ‘70’s music, specifically El Chicano, Santana, and Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, so I can get in the mood to work on my Young Adult historical fiction. Even if I wasn’t working on the novel right now, I’d listen to Brown Eyed Girl because I love the feel and mood of the song. Try it.

After working on my manuscript, I’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood and check out the succulents that are now sprouting flowers because of the recent rain. I’ll go by the elementary school and watch the kids run around the grassy yard, their masks around their necks, smiling or shouting to each other.  

So, today, I hold space for myself. I pray for compassion for victims/survivors of the past two years of turmoil and I pray to remember to spread kindness, to give a listening ear, and I pray for better days.

Be well.