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Rejection and Persistence-The Writing Life

I saved this Ray Bradbury quote. Not because I plan to wallpaper a room with rejection slips but to remind myself that my list of rejection e-mails for two of my manuscripts amounts to maybe a quarter of a wall. Rejection emails don't phase me too much anymore. With a click of a button, they slide… Continue reading Rejection and Persistence-The Writing Life

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Seven Actions To Take After A Rejection Letter

Rejection letters can knock you on your butt. And that's okay, it happens, stuff hurts, rejection sucks. But you can't stay on the floor, rubbing your a**. 1.  Get your butt off the floor and go do something nice for yourself. Take a walk, draw, watch a comedy, play with your kids or pet. This includes… Continue reading Seven Actions To Take After A Rejection Letter

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Writing a Query Letter Sucks Sometimes

Ugh writing query letters suck. They are a necessity for the unpublished writer without an agent. Writing a good query is not for the faint of heart, you have to be in it for the long haul, you have to put on your big girl chones (panties) or big boy pants to write, rewrite, a few times. It takes a chingona to re-work… Continue reading Writing a Query Letter Sucks Sometimes