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Reasons to Celebrate Frida Kahlo’s Birthday

Around the blogosphere and Facebook, many are paying tribute to the artist, activist, feminist icon and chingona Frida Kahlo. Last year I remembered her anniversary.  Today is her birthday. Over a hundred years after her birth, Frida remains memorable. In addition to her art, much of this has to do with her honesty about emotional… Continue reading Reasons to Celebrate Frida Kahlo’s Birthday

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A Meaningful Life

alvaradofrazier.comIt's my mother's birthday. She's on the other side of her early 80's. Still a rebel with a cause. A chingona of the first degree, a strong woman.Loves to eat, tell us stories, have a beer sometimes (only Corona), and laugh. We celebrated yesterday at a birthday barbeque in the backyard surrounded by four generations. Her favorite menu… Continue reading A Meaningful Life

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Gifts My Mother Gave Me

Paris photobook-alvaradofrazier.comMother’s Day is fast approaching. When making my mom her gift (the photo book above) I thought about all the gifts she's given to me. It’s not the knickknacks, stationery and candles but other gifts that have lasted a lifetime.A few months ago, my 85-year-old mother announced to us kids, “I want to make… Continue reading Gifts My Mother Gave Me

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Chingonas and their Health

"Improving health" is usually a top resolution for the new year. Maintaining a healthy body all year round is also good idea.  It's important to remember that much of your health and wellness is in your own beautiful hands. A wise woman, a real chingona, will take care of her health.Information and awareness are primary tools needed to help… Continue reading Chingonas and their Health