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Can You Name #5 Latina Artists?

  For Women's History Month, the National Museum of Women in the Arts thought of a great way to get people thinking about women artists. Their Twitter campaign is Can You Name #5Women Artists. Check out their twitter feed. What may be more difficult than naming five women artists is to name #5Latina Artists, #5AfricanAmerican… Continue reading Can You Name #5 Latina Artists?

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Reasons to Celebrate Frida Kahlo’s Birthday

Around the blogosphere and Facebook, many are paying tribute to the artist, activist, feminist icon and chingona Frida Kahlo. Last year I remembered her anniversary.  Today is her birthday. Over a hundred years after her birth, Frida remains memorable. In addition to her art, much of this has to do with her honesty about emotional… Continue reading Reasons to Celebrate Frida Kahlo’s Birthday

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Wisdom for the Weekend-Frida Kahlo

googleimages royalty freeThe grey clouds outside, weighted with rain, will last through the weekend. I like the rain, but not when I'm feeling a little down and out. Like now.Because I know that I can't let the feelings take over or I'll bury my head under the covers and stay in my PJ's all day,… Continue reading Wisdom for the Weekend-Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo- Chingona Artist

Happy belated anniversary date to Frida Kahlo, a chingona artist. She died on July 13, 1954 leaving art that lives on in perpetuity through her incredibly emotive images and poetry.  N.Muray collection  The term "Chingona" is a Spanglish term, slang, for abad ass, wise woman, powerful, individualist, self-activated, a woman who lives a life for their own approval, self-empowered, a… Continue reading Frida Kahlo- Chingona Artist