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Can You Name #5 Latina Artists?

  For Women's History Month, the National Museum of Women in the Arts thought of a great way to get people thinking about women artists. Their Twitter campaign is Can You Name #5Women Artists. Check out their twitter feed. What may be more difficult than naming five women artists is to name #5Latina Artists, #5AfricanAmerican… Continue reading Can You Name #5 Latina Artists?

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Meet My Characters: Orange is Not the New Black

When people ask me "What's your novel about," I usually say it's a teenaged Orange is the New Black -the Netflix version, not the book- featuring a naive 17 year old mother who's an immigrant. I've been asked, by YA author Evelyne Holingue, to talk about the characters in my YA novel. Her novel, TRAPPED IN… Continue reading Meet My Characters: Orange is Not the New Black

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Latinos and the 2013 Oscars: Mixed Feelings

from Inocente's FB: Daniel Day Lewis, Inocente, FilmmakersLast night an article, "2013 Oscars see big loss for Latino filmmakers" by NBC Latino, said "Hispanic audiences had big hopes..., but it was an evening of mixed emotions with just one win for a Latino nominee (Claudio Miranda for “Life of Pi”) and three wins for films with Latino… Continue reading Latinos and the 2013 Oscars: Mixed Feelings

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Latinas and Sexuality: 70’s style In a previous post on  cervical cancer awareness I touched on the topic of Latinas and sexuality. My experience is that it is often a taboo subject, one that is not discussed between Latina mothers and daughters.In the late 60's, early 70's, the topics of  sexuality or sexual health for twelve year olds usually came in the… Continue reading Latinas and Sexuality: 70’s style