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Travels with Mom

  I arrived back to Oxnard, California from Denver yesterday evening from a visit with my daughter. Rain fell the night before, puddling the deck with water. My mother and I stood outside in the cool morning breeze to smell rain and touch the droplets pooled on the banister. California is in a drought and… Continue reading Travels with Mom

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Meet My Characters: Orange is Not the New Black

When people ask me "What's your novel about," I usually say it's a teenaged Orange is the New Black -the Netflix version, not the book- featuring a naive 17 year old mother who's an immigrant. I've been asked, by YA author Evelyne Holingue, to talk about the characters in my YA novel. Her novel, TRAPPED IN… Continue reading Meet My Characters: Orange is Not the New Black

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Orange is the New Black-Redux

facebook imageA couple of years ago a friend suggested I read the memoir, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, when she found out my novel in progress (STRONG WOMEN GROW HERE) is about a young woman in prison. Aside from the clever title, I didn’t find much to pay attention to when I read the first few… Continue reading Orange is the New Black-Redux

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Two Poems to Think About for the New Year

So many thought provoking articles appeared this last week about the new year, new beginnings, dreams to reach for, and things to think about. Two poems that captured my attention are shared here for you to turn over in your mind, maybe help you to pick up a pen, type some words, sketch, or sing. This first… Continue reading Two Poems to Think About for the New Year